Was in Hong Kong over the weekend and scoured over (what else?) H&M. Look what I found!

Lanvin for H&M!!!!!

I’d suppose that the dress gets snapped up and sold out within 10 minutes but hey, I saw two dresses! I didn’t get them (do NOT judge!!!) but was crazy enough to think if I should. The dresses were pretty but not very practical. Where am I going to wear it to?

A lot of tulle, doncha’ think? Reminds me of the Sex and the City scene where Carrie was waiting for Mr. Big.

I preferred this dress to the one above, despite being less hyped. But even then, that’s a very big dress and I am not sure if I can carry it off in Singapore.

But,… I did get myself a dress. A very, very pretty one. I am not sure what consumed me to get it but I now that I need an occasion/party to wear it! I am a broke girl now! 😦