It’s with the heaviest of heart that I’ve to announce this – Wonderwool will be ceasing operations in 16A Haji Lane by end of November 2010. We couldn’t come to an agreement with the landlords – unreasonable terms, urghhhs – and thus, we had to leave. We could have picked any other space and move but Wonderwool‘s philosophy stays strong in believing that we want to provide customers a retail experience, not to merely earn profits. We want a shop front that we believe and feel strongly about, just like our current space that everyone raves about!

It’s an obstinate belief but I guess when it comes to passions, you don’t pick otherwise. That’s why we are sticking to our guns while we shed buckets about the big loss.

Thank you everyone for the support, it had been a great journey but we will be back. That, I promise you!

Till we find our new loft!

P.S: The Wonderwool blog will still  be up, so all you lovelies must, must, must check this site up for updates and announcements regularly!

P.P.S: We will be having a 25% discount storewide will the end of November to facilitate our moving!