I’m entering the wrong side of my 20s and like every other 20-somethings, I’m a little insecure, wary, fearful and yet excited at the amazing possibilities that my life can bring me. Yet, whatever life brings you and I, we know that the pain will always pass and we will end up laughing and appreciating the love that is so abundant.

This birthday, I promise myself to,…

x. Invest in quality fashion items.
No more cheap shopping just because it’s,… cheap. As someone with monetary responsibilities, I will make an effort to luxuriate my wardrobe with timeless, quality pieces that will last through the years.

x. Read more.
I used to be a compulsive reader. I read everything, anything, anywhere, everywhere. With the advent of technology and availability of social media, I somehow stopped reading. Why, I used to ask myself? Reading can be a guilty pleasure but it’s a joy that I will teach myself to partake again.

x. Have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.
I’m not a girl who diets or believes in dieting pills, treatments or methods. I believe in the simple mantra – healthy, balanced diet + exercise. But more often than not, I fall into the trap of wanting to be thinner. What for?

I enjoy my food and as long as I am responsible for what goes into my body – moderation is key-, I want to enjoy eating. Also, I need to start exercising religiously.

x. Friendships & Relationships.
As you grow older, your friends decrease, your social circle diminishes. Whether it’s my choice or a natural progression through adulthood, each year, I am always amazed at how lovely my friends are. I have friends I’ve known for more than decades, they have seen me through my most tumultuous times. Trust me, it ain’t pretty. But every year, on my birthday, I look back and think on how much I love each and every one of them.

As for relationships, obviously my most important one is with my parents. They gave me everything I could possibly want. Maybe, they are not the perfect parents. They can be annoying, silly, upsetting and we go through cycles of arguments, heated words and tears. But I know, at the end of it all, my parents love me the best way they know how to.

x. Confidence.
I know it’s weird saying this on a public domain but although it might not seem the case, I lack confidence and self-esteem. I always have the worry that I am not good enough, that I am just a pretender and everyone else are unable to see my flaws and inadequacies. I worry that if people see that I am not good, then people will start rejecting me.

I need to learn that it’s okay to be wrong, to be imperfect and to embrace the irritating idiosyncrasies that make me,…me. It’s okay if I am not pretty, or do not possess the perfect body, not the smartest or most successful. If I live my life comparing milestones to everyone else, I’d always be miserable.

This birthday, I need to remind myself that all I need in my life is love, a big heart and passions. Everything else is truly secondary.