Went to the biggest event in Singapore this September 2010 – Formula 1!  It was really awesome because,…

1) I had free tickets.
2) It was Turn 1 Grandstand tickets worth $1288!

It was an eventful F1 for me, although I went every day. We ran from Zone 1 to Zone 4, which I estimate to be about 3-4 km (because we took the longer route!). All for Daughtry. When we reached Padang, he was singing his last song. Grrrr. Walked back to watch the race, caught DIV4S which was beyond awesome. I am a fan of Opera now! Caught more of the race and rushed back for Adam Lambert – which was lousy I feel. He is flamboyant and had stage presence but the best thing about his concert was urm,… the gay kiss. Saucy!

All in all, a memorable fun night out! Didn’t take a proper outfit picture but here’s a dress from the shop! =)