Update! We have our winners! =)
Congratulations to Jacinda, Hui Zi,Hesty,Peili and Michele! You will receive a Wonderwool love package soon!

To thank all of you for supporting both the Wonderwool shop and blog, we will be having our first giveaway. To kick things off, we will start small. We’ll then ascertain what’s the best and most fair way to conduct the giveaway and we’ll reward you for givin’ us some love. x

For our first giveaway, we’ll be giving out a little souvenir from Japan. We have lovingly chosen 5 connector rings and despite them being small, we want to reward you for being a fan! So, to join this giveaway, do…

1) Be a Fan here !
2) Like the picture of the respective ring you want and leave a comment on why we should pick you! You can ‘like’  and comment on all three pictures if you want!

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? So, if you have been reading this and lurking around, do support our giveaway in 2 simple steps! The giveaway will last till 21 Sept 2010. 😀

Psssst: This gets sweeter! We will handle normal shipping cost both locally and internationally. So, ‘Like’ away!