There is something very sexy and alluring about a woman in a man’s clothing. Imagine a woman in nothing but her boyfriend’s white shirt, slightly oversized and disheveled. To bring this trend to the street, woman has started wearing men-inspired jacket, lovingly termed as ‘His Jacket’.

I love how His Jacket can take away the femininity of your look and add a slight edge, a particular unspoken strength. I am woman, hear me roar – a good jacket has that power.  So, always invest in a good, well tailored jacket. This is one item you should never scrimp on!

(Hot tip: Go on, save some money by ‘borrowing’ your dad’s, brother’s or boyfriend’s jacket! If they ask, innocently say that you are trying to save money by not purchasing another jacket!)

The Ferragamo checkered jacket might be a little dated on us mere mortals but isn’t the colour combination just divine?  I need a satin pussybow shirt in that shade of gold brown now!

Michael Kors does simple elegance that exudes glamour and sophistication. That suit with a plunge? Not suitable for office but very, very understated sexy.

I love dresses and all I need is a good oversized His Jacket to complete the smart and sexy look, the shape of the Ungaro’s jacket is just perfect!

Very on-trend.  Lingerie as outerwear had been buzzing around the industry and to own this look, wear a sheer, barely there camisole to tease. Protect your modesty (and professionalism) by covering up in this Preen masculine jacket. Who says a woman can’t do a man’s job?