Sienna Miller was the poster girl for bohemian chic in the late 90s. At that point, she and Jude Law could do no wrong. But before Sienna and before Rachel Zoe dressed the Zoebots, we have Talitha Getty.

Talitha Getty “was muse to Yves Saint Laurent, queen of 1960s Marrakech and the woman Rudolf Nureyev wanted to marry. But adoration and immense wealth weren’t enough for Talitha Getty, fashion icon and addict.”

….”Since then everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Dries van Noten has done a take on Talitha, and her style is still reflected in this summer’s version of bohemian chic. ‘She’s a little bit like Jackie O, in that she’s an obvious reference to use,’ admitted Phoebe Philo in an interview with W magazine at the end of 2001, having been inspired by Talitha for her Chloé collection. ‘I guess you could say I got carried away with Talitha’s character. Not that all of what I imagined about her was even true. I used her more as a fantasy to dream about.'”

(, Nasty Gal)