All I want to do for the weekend is grab a book, go to a quiet corner and be immersed in the pages of another world. The past few weeks had been pretty hectic, so a breather will be a welcome respite.

Call me old-fashioned but I love a good read, in print. Whenever I travel, I hoard the book stores in the airport and always get new books. Depending on my mood, I swing between non-fiction, fiction, chick-lit (for those beach holidays where you want your brain to rest) and mystery.

Currently reading:

* The Jimmy Choo Story
An intriguing tale of how an empire was built. Scandals, sex, deceit, fame and fortune – this real-life story has it all!

* How to Save Your Own Life
A bestseller, on my last 2 chapters. Easy reading, relatively informative and touching but, nothing groundbreaking. I don’t know if this book will give anyone the courage to leave their comfort zone and pursue their passions.

Me? I realise the importance of being kind in my words and actions after this book.

Have fun, kiddos!