Greetings from Japaaan!

Yes, I’m in the Land of the Rising Sun! I’ll remember to do all the touristy things such as:
1) take pictures with a kimono
2) pose like a Japanese
3) gawk at the outrageously dressed but still impossibly stylish Japanese
4) get a Gothic Lolita
5) find a geisha and learn the art of seducing men with a glance.


I’ll be indulging myself silly in :

x. Sashimi
Nothing beats fresh sashimi from Nippon!
x. Hello Kitty anything
Not that I am a fan but hey, my mom is! (Don’t judge!)
x. Blinged up cases
For all my gadgets! Zhhhnggg all of them up!
x. Vending machines
That dispenses anything, everything, anywhere and everywhere
x. Used underwear
Just kiddin’!
x. Uniqlo
Comfy basics at low prices – what’s not to love?
x. Obon Festival
Oh yes, baby! I paid a premium for airfare and accomodations, so I’ll get to enjoy the festival!
x. Commes des Garcon
Travesty to enter Japan and not get anything here.
x. Cosmetics!
Not a fan of make-up but since I’m here… just sayin’.

Till then, sweethearts! But don’t forget to check the blog for regular updates! 🙂