Hands up to all of you ASOS lovers! Well, I’m a big fan of ASOS and their magazines make very interesting read and catalogue. (H&M does mean magazines too!)

I hate ‘Laguna Beach’, ‘The Hills’ and don’t get me started on ‘The City’. I think they are contrived, boring and forced. The stars aren’t really that gorgeous and interesting to begin with. However, I do think that there’s something good that came out from the 3 horrible shows.


I love her style. Everything about her. I love her feminine style, her penchant of mixing, her wavy glossy hair and I think she has a great face. She is depicted as a bitch on ‘The City’ but based on what I had read online, she is actually a total sweetheart. Oh, she loves Mulberry’s The Alexa too, how swell is that?

Why am I jumping from ASOS to Olivia? Because, ladies and gentlemen,… ASOS + PALMERO = AWESOME EDITORIAL! I love the editorial to bits. My favourites are the cover page (she rocked the cloche hat!) and the brown coat and leather shorts.

I also love how ironic that she’s photographed in Converse. Well, as much as she looks great in them, I don’t suppose she owns any pair in real life. 😉