The Wonderwool team is inundated with requests and emails about selling of old clothes. We are currently overwhelmed with our stock of preloved clothes, so the next buy-over date should be in October. If you wish to be updated, please leave your email on the right side of the blog. It’ll help us keep track of the mailing list.

Considering that there great interest from you girls to sell your preloved clothes, I’m thinking of organizing a mini flea at Loft as an avenue for you to sell your old clothes faster! You can rent a small space with minimal fee while we will invite our readers and shoppers and prepare drinks and snacks. Please let us know what you girls think of this? Yay or nay?

I’d like to have a charity component to this flea too; if I do organise this, I’ll pledge the profits for charity to give back whatever blessings I’ve been accorded! 😀