I grew up in Indonesia and no matter how everyone seems to despise the place, I hold extremely fond memories of the place. My recent trip to Jakarta was lovely. I ate, and ate, and ate… I had 4 plates for breakfast which prompted my fellow traveller to caution me. Eeeps, I think I did gain about 3 kgs. Time for an extensive workout then!

Food in Jakarta is great. I’m a chilli lover and I love the food there to bits. The shopping is ho-hum ( I didn’t have time to shop but this is the feedback I got from a local friend.). Beauty treatments and massages are dirt cheap and it’s a luxury you have to indulge in. A 1.5 hour hair spa – consisting of hair treatment, hair massage, scalp therapy, wash, shoulder+back massage- cost only $15 and for another $3-4, they will blowdry your hair to a perfect shape.

Do you think I should do a Jakarta guide? 🙂