… at Dempsey on a cooling Saturday night for a dear friend’s birthday. Thank God for the great weather! Initially, we were resistant to the idea of Indian food as most of us are not fans of Indian food and curries. I enjoy my occasional dose of curry but to have it as a full meal is a little bit too much for me. However, to accede to the birthday boy’s request, we agreed.

What an excellent choice it turned out to be!

The Muthu’s Flavor blew all of us away. The naan was soft, fluffy and warm while the curries were super yummy. There are different kind of curries and I am no expert in spices but each tasted different and all were equally good. I particularly enjoyed the Butter Chicken, Fish Head Curry, Ladyfingers and Black Pepper Prawn. I had the Mango Lassi which was enjoyable although I’d prefer it to be more chilled; some of them had the Masala Coke, which is an interesting taste that none of us could adequately describe. The service staff was commendable, playing the birthday song during the cake cutting, staying late for us and acceded to our request. The price was super reasonable too.

Headed to CMPB for post-dinner drinks. I love the decor of the place, very modern, cosy and colonial. I love their lamps! Haha. However, we felt that for a place that prides itself for its live music, the band was lackluster at best. The drinks were not good too but nothing beats a Saturday night with friends.