Apologies for the lack of updates! I’ve been inundated with work, examinations and the shop. This weekend is mad packed and I’ll be going for Business Trip next week! Right after I come back, I’ve to rush for my diving trip to Dayang. But don’t worry, the blog will continue! 🙂

We are going for Omy Singapore Blog Awards, themed “Glitz and Glamour”. I’m going to wear a peach pink maxi dress with red accessories. Hopefully, it’ll be fun!

FABRIX is sponsoring the awards!

I’ll be heading to The Muthu’s Flavor at Dempsey for a birthday dinner and drinks. Tomorrow, we’ll be at ZOUK Flea&Easy, say hi to us! And,… WORLD CUP FINALS! (I’m a little bummed that Germany is out, thought they played very well in the previous matches.)

Have a great weekend! 😀