James Bent of Outre and I had a shoot (yes, again!) last week and as always, I enjoyed his awesome company. (I missed you, Stacey!). There’s something undeniably beautiful about people who are passionate about something and doggedly pursue their interests. Despite working as a consultant, James (and Stacey) is providing us with beautiful pictures which they take during their (little) free time, so give them some lovin’! 🙂

His very, very sweet description of our shoot. 🙂

This is the second time I’ve taken Anna’s photos and there is something really nice walking around with her getting photos. She is such a positive person and so interested in doing good things for herself and for other people. I love it when I meet with someone – anyone – and conversation is easy and free-flowing. I believe that is one of the simplest pleasures in life – taking time to talk with people about anything and everything.

She also has this wonderful smile that she just can’t help busting out. I found that we work this process of doing a serious shot, then one with the start of the smile and finally the great big smile comes. Fantastic!