x. I’ve been busy with work and am a little suffocated. All’s good in the hood though. I’ve to take an accelerated program and hence, rush 4 exams in 2 weeks. Madness. I complain like crazy but I’m happy that I am still learning from my job. I think it’s very important for everyone to enjoy what they are doing. Passion will (and should) always overcome external motivation. Are you learning anything from your job/school?

x. In the midst of talk for extremely exciting collaborations for Wonderwool, I’m beyond exhilarated. It’s been 3 months and we’re thankful for all the support, generosity and love given to us! Keep supporting us and we’ll do better for all of you.

x. I’ve always loved writing letters. Even in this electronic age, I still write letters personally. There’s a charm about writing and receiving handwritten notes, the extra efforts make me feel  a little bit more special. I hate, hate, hate electronic cards! I’ve always told my boyfriends that they don’t have to get me gifts, I just want them to write me cards.

x. It’s summer and time to bask in the sun. I’m looking forward to my diving trip next month with 8 close friends. It’s amazing how we manage to plan our schedules and coincide our leave together for a trip. I think it takes effort in maintaining friendships after you start working, so I always treasure every bit of time I have with my friends. Give your friends a hug today!