What to eat and where to eat in Hong Kong?

1. Dim Sum (Definition here)
There are many famous dim sum places and depending on what rocks your boat, you will probably be satiated with their mindboggling selection. Some of the more famous ones (and those I’ve tried) are:

**Luk Yu Tea House, 24-26, Stanley Street
An old school teahouse, probably the oldest dim sum places. Many regular patrons visit out of loyalty, nolstagia and of course, the authenticity. The waiters go around the restaurants in a cart with steaming dim sum, a tradition that is hardly seen in Hong Kong. However, be warned, the place can be grubby and service is less than stellar.


A close competitor is Lin Heung Tea House, 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Opinions are divided on which is better, so try it for yourselves!

**Maxim’s Palace : City Hall Low Block, Hong Kong
Convenient location, stellar view with great dimsum. Price is a little high though.

Dim Sum places which are known and raved but I personally find it so-so. Try it if it’s convenient though, who knows!
*Victoria City Seafood, Sun Hung Kai Center, 30 Harbour Rd., Wan Chai
* Red Star/ Hong Xing, 83-97# Hua Yuan Building, Nathan Road, Kowloon

2. Cha Chan Teng (Definition here)

Eclectic and wide mix of food, namely noodles, rice, pasta, bread, tarts and various drinks. Top choices include wonton noodles, char siew noodles, Portuguese curry, cream or tomato baked rice, po lo bao, bun with condensed milk and butter. I almost never eat pasta in a cha chan teng, it feels convoluted. Haha, I’m weird that way. Their fish ball noodles are famous too but I don’t like fish balls, heh. Top drinks choices are Hong Kong milk tea, yuan yang (tea+coffee) and honey lemon tea.

* *Tsui Wah Restaurant, 15D-19 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong
A classic cha chan teng experience. Food is so-so but recommended by many friends in HK, not sure why. But I always end up there whenever I am in HK. If you flip the menu, they have 10 top dishes, just choose one of them.

Their bun with condensed milk and butter is heavenly. Crispy, sweet but not cloyingly so, perfect snack to go with your milk tea.

Only one to recommend as I always go to Tsui Wah, thanks to it’s sheer size, popularity and convenient location. TIME Magazine recommends Mido Café, 63 Temple Street, Kowloon. Never been there, so I can’t comment. But the streets of Hong Kong are littered with cha chan teng, so just enter one that has many newspaper articles (indication of recognition!) and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised!

3. Top Restaurants

* Yung Kee Restaurant,32-40 Wellington Street Central
Famous for its roasted meats, it won many awards for the duck. I, and many of whom I bring there, go abso-friggin’-lutely weak in the knees for its roasted pork. Crispy, tender, juicy with the right amount of fat, this is food seriously worth shelving your diet for. TRY IT!

If you don’t trust me, the awards plastered all over the place should be testament enough to blow your food budget here. I suggest making reservations for dinner and proceed to Lan Kwai Fong for drinks or clubbing after. 
(Pssst: The owner, Mr Kam is also nicknamed “Roast Goose Fai!)

* Sweet Dynasty, 88# Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Opulent, upscale decoration – the chairs are gold- that harks of the olden day’s palaces, Sweet Dynasty is famous for its desserts, particularly the bean curd. You have to try that and the dishes. I love their porridges, the texture is perfect.

* Watami Restaurant
A casual Japanese dining which has innovative food. The pizza is light, crispy and delicious. The other dishes are good too. Not mindblowing but a worthy meal. They have 14 outlets, mainly in popular shopping centres.

* Xiao Yang Guo Steamboat
A steamboat chain from China, I love them when I was working in Shanghai. The Hong Kong one is less decorated with not much fanfare but a very competent steamboat place if you want one. What’s better to indulge in when you visit Hong Kong in it’s cold season? The beef here is top notch, so is the lamb but I know a lot of people don’t like the (smell of) lamb.

4. Desserts
Desserts is available everywhere, it’s almost a must to end a meal with a sweet treat. Just try the ubiquitous Xu Liu Shan for their mango concoctions. Or try one of HK’s most famous dessert place, Honeymoon Dessert, which has branches everywhere too.

Hong Kong celebrities supposedly love Yi Pin Zhai, 8 Heaven Street, Causeway Bay. According to travelchinaguide, the sesame seed stick,\red kidney bean paste and the jellied bean curd are recommended. Especially the “Black + White, which combines “black sesame seed stick and white jellied bean curd”.

The list is not exhaustive, I know of a Japanese restaurant which is hidden but it has perfect food. Great salad, good sashimi, melt in your mouth cheese mochi (YES! Cheese mochi!) and cream croquette that is covered with crispy and flaky crust but filled with melting hot cream.

But this list should be enough for your trip and if you want more, do let me know. If you have any other great places, tell me too! I am always on the lookout for awesome food.

P.S: If you enjoy this list, do mention this in your blog. Also, do not copy and take them as your own, please link or credit me. I painstakingly took days to write this, so please respect my efforts. Thanks! :D