Went to the The Helix bridge for a midnight walk recently and I like it! I know a lot of people think nothing of it but I think it’s awesome. It’s the perfect complement to the new developments, which include “Integrated Resort  Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, the 438,000 m² business and financial centre which will be ready by 2012”. The view is amazing and Singapore skyline is changing so much, mostly due to the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts. However, at 12 sharp, the lights are turned off, so do go earlier.

I love the showcase of drawings by young children at the sidewalk too, very childish and simple but very heartwarming.

I love a good Sunday brunch and I’ve explored a lot of the famous brunch places in Singapore. The other day, I was back at Mimolette for their Croque Monsieur and Wagyu Burger. The food was delicious and although the portions look small, they were quite filling. I love the decor and sitting outdoors is enjoyable but pity about the heat in Singapore. It’s getting unbearable!

My mom was curious about the Triple 3 buffet at Mandarin Orchard Singapore (formerly known as Meritus Mandarin Singapore). So, we head down to check it out. While the food quality was superb, I feel that the execution wasn’t fantastic. You can taste the premium ingredients that the Triple 3 chefs use, however, the food doesn’t wow. For a buffet, it’s quite satisfying but it comes with a higher than average price tag. I enjoyed the cod fish, soup, sashimi and the tempura.

(Forgot to take pictures of the food, ooops!)