Did you miss our Style Spy section? Apologies as we have been busy and it’s getting difficult to interview bloggers with great style! It’s difficult to find one with consistent good style and humor, so if you know one, do give us a shortout!

This week, we are proud to have Joyce Wong of Kinky Blue Fairy to share with us some of style secrets. What we really love about Joyce is… she has a very distinctive style that is inimitable and she carries them with aplomb. She is the cool kid that you get a little intimidated by because of her no nonsense, gungho attitude but nevertheless, loves her for it because she is so nice.

Her fearless attitude towards life, fashion, and things she will like to pursue intrigued the Wonderwool team, so here, we delve right through the colourful and vivacious Miss Wong!

(Pssst: Who else will look this awesome with red cropped hair?)

Why the name Kinkybluefairy?
It’s a long and not-so-interesting story! I used to be on xanga 6 years ago and when i created my account, i chose ‘fairy’ cos i have this affinity with fairies. The nickname was already taken, so i took ‘bluefairy’ (as i have 2 tattoos of blue fairies on my back) and that was taken too. So i threw the word ‘kinky’ in the front and so came to be – ‘kinkybluefairy’!

How did you first fall in love with fashion?
By wanting to play different characters every day. And when i started earning money in my teens! I ended up spending a majority of it on clothes and accessories!

Describe your style and what inspires you sartorially? What goes through your mind when choosing an outfit?
To be honest, i’m always in a big rush and take about ten minutes to fly out the door. so the thing that usually goes on in my mind besides ‘f**k i’m late’ is  “What do i feel like today? studs / floral / fringe / bling ? white / blue / orange ?”

I usually pick a piece i really want to wear for the day, and style everything else around it.

Share with us some of your must-have items.
A big roomy bag! I carry heaps of things and am running around all day, so i need a big enough bag for my wallet, keys, moleskine, little brollie in case it rains, ipod, cameras, etc

Besides that, fashion-wise, i’d say a great pair of flats for walking about and going with everything, and comfortable high heels. Other than that – big key accessories that spell out my style and i throw on almost every day.

What are some trends you can’t wait to try?
The oversized tops with asymmetrical draping. It’s quite hard to find that in KL so i don’t have anything like that yet. Can’t wait to get my hands on some pieces tho!

What are your ambitions and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I see myself working on KinkyBlueFairy.Net more, including more traveling. Of course i don’t reckon I’ll be blogging forever, and have my eye out for some businesses i’d like to try out in the near future 🙂

What have you learn from life?
That you have to make your own future. To be positive, be appreciate, not to be afraid of long hours and hard work, to love others, have an open mind, travel as much as possible!

Sartorial advice for our readers?
Be experimental! But know your body shape well enough to know what you can, and cannot, pull off.