I am not sure if you remember how I look like but I have had extremely long hair for the longest time. I think the last time I had short hair was 6 years ago!

On a whim, I cut it short last week. Like, short short. Boy short. Shorter than my ears short. That’s a good 10 inches gone. I held off blogging about it because… I wasn’t sure what I felt. Equal parts liberated, fear, uncertainty, regret and longing, I am still unsure what I feel now.

Everyone has been encouraging and despite some who hated it, seems like most people think I look younger! That’s always a good thing, no? Of course many of my friends and colleagues were scandalised, worried, shocked and astounded. Most common reaction…. “You are so brave!”

Well, no matter whether I look better or worse, prettier or uglier, it’s all gone and I’ve to look forward to living with my boyish crop! 🙂

Many of you are interested in how I look like now, so I’m including personal pictures of before and after after the cut!


10 inches, a thick pile of hair later….,

Pardon the narcissitic self-taken shot. Had no one to take for me and friends were bugging me for a picture! 🙂

I had 50 comments and 15 likes on Facebook when I uploaded this picture! What do you think? Good move or plain Britneyque meltdown crazy?