The past few months had been rough and I’m in a desperate need for a breather. I hate to sound whiny so I take it that positivity has to come from within. My boss used to tell me “I can’t motivate you, I can only demotivate you. Only you can motivate yourself.”

A friend’s recent Facebook status startled me – “Every girl is depressed at one point in time.” Is that true, girls? Are we prone to depression? Or are these common to guys too? I suppose girls show it more because we are more attuned to our feelings and we don’t have the pressure to hold back and look macho. So, we cry more, talk more, whine more and bitch more. But I believe that the words and thoughts that we carry is responsible for our moods.

So, here I am, trying to give thanks for my blessings. xx


x. A great coffee session with a dear old friend who took the leap of faith, quit her job and pursue her passion. You go, girl!

x. A hug, a kiss and many iloveyous from the boyfriend, who has been a constant companion in these turbulent times.

x. A job that pays the bills, a store that’s my passion and dream.

x. Friends that care to find out about my wellbeing and having faith in me.

x. A long weekend where I’ll get complete rest, be a total beach whale and get some needed tan and finally, apartment hunting.

Looking forward to the great weekend, how about you bunnies? Hugs and kisses! xx