Move over, Gossip Girls. Let’s welcome the original heroines the most successful female show franchise – Sex and The City. Are you excited? I am not but… the clothes in this show looks sooo much better than the previous movie! So,… fingers crossed!

Who’s your heroine? Almost every girl I know worships Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw or Kristin Davis’ Park Avenue Princess character, Charlotte York. Me? I identify most with … *surprise, surprise* the cynical Miranda Hobbes, who is brilliantly portrayed by Cynthia Nixon. I love, love, love Kim Catrall’s over-the-top, hilarious Samantha Jones. I think she is the saving grace of the show; she prevents it from being a whiny bitch-fest.

By the way, I really dislike SJP’s Valentino neon yellow gown. Too much for someone of her age; maybe someone younger, fresher can rock it better. Rihanna, maybe? Cynthia’s looks comfortable but it’s very expected, no? I wish she gets out of her comfort zone and shock us once. Once. Love the marcel waves on Kim, very old-school Hollywood glamour but I simply adore Kristin’s pop of pink. So youthful and fun and best of all, she sticks to her style while giving us something…. new.


Carrie Bradshaw