I’ve been getting questions about my personal life and it seems like some of you want to know more about me. Let me share with all of you something I wrote in the past. Hope all of you will like it! 🙂

I cannot afford to go through life uninspired or unexcited. I cannot live each day miserably, I cannot trudge through work painfully. Maybe I’m not meant to be spectacularly beautiful, or rich, or smart and neither am I born outstanding.

I have been living my whole life for practicality. To make my parents proud, to finish my education, to get a job, to stop being compared, to not lose out to my peers. I am not made for the competition, for the rat race or the who’s who. I am Me, I am Anna , I should be accountable to myself from today onwards.

I am exhausted from the wear and tear of the yesteryear, from being jaded and cynical. It’s time I reverse the damage. I want to make sure I am happy. I. NEED. TO. BE. HAPPY. Even if that makes me poorer, slower or a loser. I know I need to look back and tell myself, I have lived dangerously and I have no regrets.