Hello lovelies! A short break from the fashion posts to share with all of you some exhilarating news. Wonderwool and myself have been kindly featured in some blogs, websites and publications.

The weekend was amazing! Met James & Stacey from Outré Singapore for a mini-photoshoot. James and Stacey are such lovely individuals, very charming and interesting. They take amazing pictures too and they work hard at featuring the streets of Singapore. So, if you love Street Style shots, you have to visit James’ website! You might get hooked though, you’ve been warned!

Also special thanks to Faz of  The Drama Diaries, Sarah from Sarah’s Loft for writing about Wonderwool! Wonderwool is also giving out retail privileges to Singapore Management University students, check it out at our Features page!

For those of you who have been asking about me or are interested to know about me, you can also check out my personal interview with the team from the team from Polkadot Monsters. I discuss about the inspiration behind Wonderwool, the concept and … my dream customer!

And.. to those who are curious about how I look like, here’s a shot from James! (Of course, he made me look better than I do in real life, teehee!)

(Outré Singapore)