I am in love and also, EXTREMELY obsessed with Mulberry’s Alexa. I’ve been silently coveting it for the longest time. I know that IF I said it out loud, the obsession will be stronger and stronger.

I want it so, so bad. In Oak Soft Buffalo Leather, please. I think it’s very reasonably priced too but shucks, it’s all sold out. Should I get it, fashion gurus? 🙂

Talking about wishlist… I’ve also been eyeing the following items! If only I have the bank account to match my wants!

Most. Adorable. Bikini!

Cute bow ring in my favourite polka dots and stripes!

Grecian chiffon dress, loves the jewel details on the shoulder and waist. I like that it’s nipped too, gives the illusion of a small waist. WIN!

The prints are ethreal! Imagine walking in this and the effects of the prints while you move. Sensational!

(mulberry, f21, topshop, asos)