She’s been a skater, a raver, and an actor and style icon with unprecedented longevity…

Style has always been an inherent part of actor Chloë Sevigny’s appeal. Prior to her career as an independent film, and later television, star, Jay McInerney branded Sevigny an it-girl of the 90’s in a now legendary New Yorker profile that reads like a prelude to modern-day hipsterdom.

She was the poster-kid for cool – starting trends, staring in music videos, modeling for clothing lines, and putting together ensembles envied by street kids and editors alike. At 18 she moved to Brooklyn, and was spotted by a fashion editor from Sassy, the cult teen magazine worshiped by droves.  Because of her personal style, she was asked to intern for them.

People recognized that she was different, and everyone flocked to look just like her, but her look was nearly impossible to replicate as she frequented thrift stores and bargain bins. That’s not to say that her interest was not in high fashion. For the New Yorker piece, it was only after McInerney promised to buy her a red rubber Helmut Lang dress that she coveted that she agree to be interviewed.

At 21, she was featured in the controversial but critically acclaimed film Kids, where she played a character living in a world not dissimilar from the one she inhabited. The writer, Harmony Korine, was a friend of hers from the Washington Square Park skater scene, and called on her to be cast when actor Mia Kirshner just didn’t fit the role. That role was the beginning of her career as an art-house icon, and led to roles in films like Gummo, The Last Days of Disco, and ultimately Boys Don’t Cry, where she made her mainstream debut.

When asked about her personal style in a recent interview, Sevigny responded, “It was just always a way of expressing myself. I was never very good at drawing. I couldn’t play any instruments, and it was just a way to be creative and outrageous. And, you know, I lived in a community – it was a very small community where everybody dressed the same, and I guess I just wanted to be different.”

She once pondered fashion school but never sought out formal education. Despite this, Sevigny has been involved in a number of collaborations, including serving as Creative Director of the 2003 collection of Imitation of Christ, and launching a widely successful collection with Opening Ceremony.

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