I’ve never liked Nicole Richie, I still think of her as a wannabe who got lucky because she was best friends with Paris Hilton. I absolutely detested her in My Simple Life. She was whiny and spoilt and her misdemeanor seems forced.  She looks very druggie, no? However, giving credit where it’s due, Nicole has since grown up and blossomed into a fairly responsible celebrity mother.

Erasing the memory of her debutante-wannabe days, Nicole had since had her fashion moment with a few cute looks. While I don’t go ga-ga about her style, I know many of you are crazy about her bohemian style. I still think Sienna Miller was the Queen of Boho and no one can replace her.

To me, Nicole Richie’s fashion highs were her maternity wardrobe. She was a force to be reckoned in then and it was only then I softened my stance against her. I think, it was after her pregnancy that there was a huge influx of celebrity designers. Or celebrities stamping their names on everything possible in the guise of collaboration. Now, I’ve no problem with celebrities endorsing products. After all, that’s their livelihood and certain celebrities do suit some brands. (Case in point: Jennifer Connelly for Balenciaga!). But I hate it when  celebrities are cashing in on their temporary fame to get a quick buck. Why do I care how Beyonce or Sarah Jessica Parker smells like?

Back to Nicole, she  jumped on the celebrity-designer bandwagon and produced her own accessories line – House of Harlow 1960 in October 2008. She designed a 50-piece costume-jewelry collection for Mouawad, a professional jewelry designer. I was excited. Nicole has a knack of getting it right on accessorizing and I appreciated that she did what suits her.House of Harlow 1960 was fairly successful, with Vanessa Minillo, Madonna and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz donning it.

Now, Nicole came up with her own clothing line -Winter Kate. (When I first saw the name, I thought it was by Kate Moss!) From the lookbook by InStyle, it doesn’t look very Nicole and this is utterly disappointing. What happened to the boho style she had come to own and perfected? What IS the point of putting your name and style out there if it doesn’t satiate your fans appetite for your fashion style?

According to Nicole, “My main source of inspiration was this movie called From Hell, it’s about the free masons and Jack the Ripper so it’s definitely about that time [period]. We have capes and cigarette pants, vests, jackets and blazers. There are cleaner lines and it’s a lot more simple.”

I am not sure about you but I am not wowed. Are you?