Style Spy is proud to introduce Erin, a Californian girl with a love for everything vintage.Lucky for her, she is a California native and live in Oakland, ca where she writes her blog full-time, go to school, and enjoy the sunny weather.

Erin has the cutest and coolest hairstyles and Wonderwool is very curious to know how she manage to rock them so well! (We’re jealous, yes!)

“Well, i think i just have the face shape for shorter cuts. i had long hair for a little while and it did nothing for me. when i met my hairstylist shannon who works at revamp salon in san francisco, he encouraged me to try the last few cuts i’ve had and they have worked out very well for me. the fun part about having short hair is that it goes very well with 60’s styles and you get to wear a variety of pieces with higher necklines and with pretty details around the collar.”

Lucky girl!

Tell us what makes you/your style different?
I’ve never been one to follow the trends, but rather, i stick with timeless classics that can been worn from season to season with only one or two trends mixed in to keep things current. i tend to wear a mix of new and vintage clothes and i like to represent a broad range of both highs and lows.

How did you first fall in love with fashion?
I’ve always been obsessed with getting dresses and wearing stylish clothes since i was able to dress myself, but i got into fashion when i was a student in high school (the late 90’s). i would watch the runway shows on the style channel and view collections on the first designers to catch my eye were prada and marc jacobs, which are still among my favorites today.

Describe your style and what inspires you sartorially? What goes through your mind when choosing an outfit?
I would describe my style as being casual, laid back, and vintage-inspired. i don’t typically plan my outfits, but i’ll go to the closet with an idea of a certain piece i know i want to wear and built my outfit around that, whether it’s shoes, tights, a hat, or a dress. i often find inspiration browsing street style sites and blogs.

Share with us some of your must-have items.
For Spring, i’m obsessed with the socks and sandals trend and just recently bought an adorable pair of ankle socks by hansel from basel to go with a pair of mustard yellow swedish hasbeens clogs. i am also love high rise shorts, little white dresses, and the nautical theme.

What are some trends you can’t wait to try?
I would love to start wearing more jewelry because i have never worn it before. i also can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of classic wedge espadrilles. (I just want to note that i’m actually a business student, so i just switched it out?)

You are a business student, how different is it from fashion?
It’s actually not much different from fashion because it involves marketing, graphic design, and business communication which are all very important aspects of the industry.

Why business?
I would actually probably prefer to study art or literature, but i find that i can enjoy those things outside of school, so i opted to focus on a subject that i didn’t know much about. i figured it would be the best challenge for me and i always need to be challenged.

What are your ambitions and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I don’t like to concretely define my ambitions because i want to see where life takes me. i would love to work in any aspect of the fashion industry as either a stylist or buyer, journalist, designer, or even marketing.

How do you suss out a good deal from a vintage store?
I tend to go into vintage shops with an open mind rather than focusing on any individual pieces. you never know what you might find in a shop, so you have to be open to anything. for example, you might find an amazing winter coat in the middle of the hot summer and you’ll have to wait to wear it for months! you should also definitely think ahead to what types of clothes you might be wearing in the coming months.