Style Spy discovered a local lady whose subtle unique style will draw you in slowly. Soon, you think to yourself that there’s not many quite like her. Meet, Cindy Liu of sleepwalks9t05 , a “24 years old motion graphics designer, Taiwanese but grew up and currently residing in Singapore.

Her love for fashion was pivotal in paving her career. How did she end up being a motion graphics designer?
“To be honest, ever since i was very young, I wished to become a fashion designer someday. I drew alot and I was an art student. but things changed, life planned a different path for me. I took on a digital media design course later in polytechnic(college) which led to what I am doing now. But that does not take away the passion for fashion in me. ”

A fashion maverick, look at how she works a simple heart print mini work in so many different ways. Each looks fresh,slightly kooky and very, very stylish.

Describe your style and what inspires you sartorially?
I think my style is ever-changing, whatever i wear depends on how i feel that particular day, or sometimes i can be crazy over a certain style for a period time, and suddenly changes to another. i dont like to stay the same. i think nowadays there are these fabulous fashion bloggers whom inspired me the most, like style-seeking zurich, lisa place etc 🙂

What goes through your mind when choosing an outfit?
Hows the weather? What color suits me today? Do i feel like wearing jeans or skirt? Random thoughts.

What trends are you loving?
I love high-waisted skirts/shorts, very simple nude color tee and leather shoes now.

What’s the biggest difficulty about dressing up?
I think the most difficult part is not about the clothes and accessories, but the lacking of confidence in ourselves. Admit it we all have bad hair days, bad skin days or the days i look fat etc. some days when you look into the mirror, and something just doesnt look right. and when i come across these days, i will just stop thinking and put on anything thats wearable. You just have to get pass it.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?
Haha, I have never done anything crazy in my life, maybe im going to, soon?

What have you learnt from life?
It’s never about the fruit, but the growing process we put ourselves through. I’m learning to be happy.

Any last words for our readers?
Choose life.