Our second Style Spy is a vivacious young lady whose wide range of talents blew us away. We appreciate girls who can dress well but we love girls who are smart, sassy and stylish!

Get this… she studies engineering and fashion, according to her, is a ‘stress outlet’!  “I’ve always loved pretty dresses… my dad used to tell me that when I would sulk on days I didn’t get to wear a dress to daycare.”

Readers, wanna be as fabulous?” Stay grounded on the inside; stay fabulous on the outside.”

Tell us more about yourself .
I’m double majoring in chemical engineering and biochemistry at UT Austin; I recently started a fashion blog, Diya in Her Stilettos, about 2 months ago which has already been featured by Glamour magazine, Modcloth, Fashism, NBC NYC, Market Publique and News 8 Austin; and I help out the bf on his website and with his music business. I’ve also played violin for 12 years but only now for pleasure and I’ve been an art teacher for 4-6 year olds for 2 years.

Tell us what makes you/your style different?

I don’t really have time to keep up with every single collection from the runway; I’ll rather read other people’s fashion blogs and streeystyle blogs. I probably keep up with about 50 on a semi-daily basis about about 100 more that I check whenever I get the time to. I love to dress for my body type rather than try to emmulate “model off duty” looks because I simply don’t have that body type. Also, I’m a bit girlier than a lot of fashion bloggers.

Describe your style and what inspires you sartorially?
What goes through your mind when choosing an outfit?

I love the 50’s new look silhouette and 20’s/80’s accessories & detailings. I love lace, beading, sequins, studs, chains, and ethnic-looking jewelry pieces. My lifestyle and other hobbies inspires my choices in clothing. For example, due to my mandatory appearances at rock/metal events I own a lot of tough-looking jewelry. I also love bellydancing jewelry because I belly dance as a hobby.

What are some trends you can’t wait to try?
I’m not really familiar with most of the runway trends but I do love the draping at Burberry and the lingerie-inspired pieces that are popping up.

Must-have items?
Vintage cream/white blouses (the lacier the better), full skirts, floral dresses, arm/hand jewelry (especially in silver), leather/vintage fur jackets, and structured blazers.

You are a engineering student, how different is it from fashion?
Very different, as you would imagine. It’s more of a logical/application industry in general when fashion is more focused on creativity. Also, it’s heavily male-dominated as opposed to the more female representation in the fashion industry.

Why engineering?
I’m good at chemistry and I scored perfect score for SAT II Math II in high school, so I thought why not? I can go either to med school, graduate school, business school, law school or go into industry with my major.

What’re your ambitions and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
I hope to attend graduate school for chemical engineering and start my own jewelry business some day. Maybe I could also become a buyer or a stylist? Who knows, my interaction with the fashion world has not been 9 weeks yet so I’m not completely sure where I want to take it.