I get ready like six months beforehand. I edit the clothes (about 90 outfits for each fashion week) I think of what would look good on camera. It’s good to change and be full of surprises, even while staying true to your style…”

Anna Della Russo famous quote on her dedication on getting camera-ready for streetstyle bloogers.

There are some women you admire for their bravery, commitment and vision towards Fashion. Anna Dello Russo has to be one of them. The fashion director at large, Vogue Nippon is a figure of opulence, grandeur, style, luxury and elegance. She is something that my life is not and through her amazing fashion sense, I live vicariously with a tinge of envy.

But her fashion sense have been faithfully and religiously well-documented,  so I’d like to share with you some mind-blowing, orgasmic visual feasts of her home.

What a gorgeous way to end the week!

(Psssst: How rad is it that she lined her apartment with leopard print wallpaper?!)

(Picture credit: Jak and Jill)