This news is everywhere. New York Times reported that ‘Mad Men’ is getting the Barbie treatment. From a marketing angle, the publicity works for both sides. Why didn’t anyone think of it sooner?  A perfect match made in heaven!

NYT: “The dolls come with period accessories like hats, overcoats, pearls and padded undergarments, but no cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses or cocktail shakers.” Life in plastic is indeed fantastic!

At a suggested retail price of $74.95 each, I NEED to get my claws on them. Although I love Don Draper in the show  (well, who doesn’t?!), the Kens do not cut it for me. I want the two Barbies! I love, love, love Christina Hendrick’s Joan Holloway. January Jones’ Betty Draper irritates me with her helium voice but… I love her white, ethereal flouncy dress. Sighs, decisions, decisions.

Will you be getting them? If yes, which one? Who is your favourite character? In related news, Mad Men season 4 is coming out in Summer, I. Cant. Wait!

(Picture credit: NYT)