What happened, ladies? It’s pardonable if they were wannabes acting in The Hills or Paris Hilton but most of them are Hollywood royalties with no lack of stylists, designers and editors at their speed-dial. They are ladies whose fashion choices we devour, who we admire, go ga-ga over and whose descents from sartorial kingdom make me sad.

What Happened?

It pains me to put Diane Kruger in this list, I’ve a recurring love affair with her but her Chanel dress is too messy and it hangs off her tiny frame. Too much, too much.

Try as I might, I just don’t get Charlize Theron‘s Christian Dior dress. I’d go to the extreme of calling it hideous. The two-tone doesn’t work and the huge lilac rosettes on her bust? Reminds me too much of Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra. And why is her gown so crumpled?

The heartache I feel is magnified when I remember her resplendence in the 2004 Oscar when she won for her performance in Monster. Le sigh.

Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart. I can never understand this girl. First, I don’t understand the whole Twilight craze and second, the actors acting are mediocre. For a girl who catapulted to fame, Kristen should enjoy the limelight and bask in it.

She looks okay in her Monique Lhuillier navy dress but really, what’s with the posture and perpetual scowl? Lighten up, girl!

I was a huge fan of Faith Hill, her songs are catchy and makes you happy. But her dress really makes me frown, there’s nothing right about it. The bodice, the frayed neckline, the peekaboo thigh-high lace splits. Really? What were you thinking, Faith? Somehow, she looks older too.

I am extremely frustrated with Sarah Jessica Parker. She was our heroine during Sex and the City drama era but my love for her plummets throughout the years. Which girl does not love Carrie Bradshaw and cover her stylish wardrobe? In real life, however, SJP had been less than stellar and it’s excruciating. Each time, I wish and hope that she will dazzle me but she hardly does. Her Chanel Spring 2010 Couture gown does nothing for me but I suppose Carrie Bradshaw will always delight some of you.

Expected Better

Carey Mulligan looks decent, her dress is gorgeous from the top half but I don’t like her uneven hemline. While some people think it’s youthful and playful, I think it makes her look funny. Her choice of footwear wasn’t that fantastic either, it feels heavy.

I am most disappointed because I expected more from the British actress who usually does edgy and feminine with pizzaz. It was sorely lacking yesterday, when it was a great opportunity for her to shine.

Deja Vu

These ladies neither excite nor disappoint. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” must have been their mantra as some of them bore me. Been there, done that. I wish they had taken more risks, I feel as if I had seen the look before.

Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan, Nicole Richie in Reem Acra, Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta and Sigourney Weaver in Lanvin.

Okay, don’t even get me started on Mariah Carey. Dresses two sizes too small, will she ever learn?