Heya bunnies : )

Welcome to Wonderwool, an avenue for my musings.

I spend an excessive amount of time on fashion in different medium. I read too much magazines, stalk too much style bloggers and follow too many celebrity fashion write-ups. I am familiar with brands, designers and can differentiate Louboutin, Blahnik and Choo. But I am no fashionista. I don’t dress like a superstar, I don’t make a lot of effort trying to develop a unique distinctive style of my own. That’s why I appreciate it when I see people who do.

People who look effortlessly cool. People who follow trends but never look ridiculous. (Harem pants, anyone?) People who will suffer for beauty, people who wear heels that pinch yet still smile and feel fabulous. People who spend inordinate amount of time painting their faces.

I am not one of those people. I love clothes and I like to wear what flatters me and what is comfortable. I suck at being a girl but to make up for it, I pore over clothes online endlessly and here, I attempt to share it with you.